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Camila. 17. Atheist. Brazilian. Movies. Books. Rock. B&W.

came back just to show that I changed my hair and it feels fantastic

Instant slut, just add alcohol
last time I will post a selfie since I’m getting rid of this blog, it’s been nice guys <3

Me at Zombie Walk SP 2013

Long time no selfies
Now that Osama’s dead is it still “too soon” for 9/11 jokes?
Snake bites <3 
I hate being at home on a saturday night
A quick pick up from my photoshoot today ♥
One more picture from my (not ready) cosplay. (Here to another pic)
what do you guys think about my first cosplay? (Beetlejuice female version, it’s not ready yet but I think it’s pretty good for a first one)
Don’t wanna be an american idiot nanananananananananana