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Camila. 17. Atheist. Brazilian. Movies. Books. Rock. B&W.

First of all, I hate FAQs, I think FAQs are for blogs who think they’re big shit but here comes mine.

What’s your name?
My name is camila, is written in my sidebar as you can see clearly.

Where did you buy your shirts?
Galeria do rock, it’s in São Paulo, Brasil and idk if there’s a online store.

How old are you?
I’m 17

Are you a nazi? 
No. Just no ok? I like World War II then you’ll see some post in your dash.

Where are you from?
In my sidebar it says I’m brazilian so I must be from Brazil

Are you a lesbian?
I don’t really know anymore lol jk, I like people by their personality/character so their genitals don’t really have any effect with my relationships.

I love your blog, follow me back?
No. I only follow blogs I really like and if you think I’m gonna like yours, ask me, not anonymously. I don’t really answer back, but I check ALL the messages, I usuallly just check and follow etc.

I only promo people when I offer promos to them. Usually my friends or my favorite blogs.

Rate my blog?
No, gtfo. I’m no one to judge your blog same as you shouldn’t judge mine. Blogs are such personal things that can’t be labeled with 0-10 numbers.

Follow for follow?
If you’re following me with the hope I’m gonna follow you back you better unfollow now. 

How do you make your gifs?
Not gonna teach you. I learned all by myself so I think you are pretty capable to learn by yourself too.

Do you follow ________?
These kind of messages annoys me a lot, then you can see in my BLOGROLL who I follow. 

Favorite blogs?
They are in my “recommend" list.

How do you dye your hair?
I do it myself, first decolorize it till it’s blonde, then I use Exotic Criativ Colors< idk if they sell it in another countries. I don’t know where you can get it. end that’s it

Why do you sometimes disable asks? (non anon and shit)?
Well, sometimes I get tired of answering then I disable because I think it’s better than just ignore messages.

If you wanna more about me, Camila and not “h-e-r-o-i-n”, you can just click here